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Welcome to our web site!

This is an educational website.   If you love shoes, you should take a look at our website.  We specialize in designer shoes that do not include designer prices!

Hi, thanks so much for visiting our website.  My name is Meghan Fitzgerald, i am the owner of Amazing Shoes.  My store has a very large variety of designer shoes to chose from.  We have causal, dress shoes, boots, sandals etc...
Many people travel from different areas of the world to come and see our shoes!!! Such celebrity's such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson have been seen shopping @ Amazing Shoes.
I travel to New York city, Mulian, Spain, and many other countires to make purchases for my store.  Theses items are very hard to find anywheres around Moncton, so if you are looking for real designer shoes, make sure to stop into Amazing Shoes. 

We have a pormotion on Designer Boots this month.  If you are looking for a new pair of GORGEOUS boots make sure you dont miss this special offer.

50% off the orginal price!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you would like to make any purchases or have any questions

You can email me or any of the Sales Assoicates


Amazing Shoes *Main Street * Moncton * Cananda* 01234