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This page shows all the shoes that in stock right now.

This pair of Manola Blahniks is a from a special collection
This shoe is very beautiful and goes well with bright colored outfits.  If you would decide to wear them with a more plain outfit, it sure will brighten the outfit up!!
$689.00 plus tax


This is our black ankle boot that is one of the newiest items in our products.
The heal on this boot is a stelettio heal which is very stylish.  the buckle that is on the boot adds a nice touch to the boot. A lot of our customers have been coming in looking for this item.  We have sold a lot of this style.  It comes in black, purple, brown, as well as tan.  Everyone loves the material that is on the top of the boot.


Dior Sandal
This dior shoe as been a great seller in my store.  It is a beautiful tan colour which has lots of great details.  Make sure you come and get this one cause its on high demand here at Amazing Shoes.  Is shoe can be worn with dressy cloths as well as with jeans.
$579 plus tax

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